Vfw1April 2018

Hopefull, this will be my next to last report to the Post and Auxiliary members. On April 3rd we will have a second round of nominations. All positions, except Commander, are filled. How important is it to fill the Commander position? As a group of us learned nine years ago, a post without a Commander may lose it’s Charter! So let’s hope that a member will accept the nomination to be our next Commander!

The House Committee, think Jerry Brady here, has been busy getting the Men’s Restroom toilets repaired. Also getting a new urinal for the mensroom behind the club bar. Jerry and I are planning a trip to the Broaster Outlet on Rte 930 just east of Coliseum Blvd. We’ve had a broaster donated, if it is serviceable we can save some money, hopefully to start floor renovations.

Thanks to JB, our Ticket machines are working great and giving our members few, if any problems. The play has increased and that means the gaming account is looking better!

Well, the return of our snowbirds is getting closer! It will be great to have them back in town and hopefully at the Post!!!

Watch for some breaking news from our city involving recognition of our local veterans.


Jim Cook