Vfw1July 2018

Hello Veterans,

It’s been a long time since Jim Cook hasn’t written the Commander’s Corner, but with a new Commander, I must say I have some big shoes to fill. Everyone needs to thank Jim Cook for all he has done and all he will do for the #2749. Thanks Jim for helping me in so many ways.

I really want the Post to grow and have many fundraisers. I really don’t like the idea of sharing money with other Posts especially as far away as Kokomo. I would like to have Porkburger sales and for our Post to put in on and keep profit totally in-house.

We have a great Club with some awesome people helping run it. Chassidy does a fine job as Bar Manager, Chip with cooking and other miscellaneous jobs. Richard Wiard, Quartermaster can count in his sleep. Mike who helps the Quartermaster count. He’s a quiet guy but knows his job very well and is a mainstay on Wednesday and Friday Night Ticket Sells and I cannot forget Kim, Office Secretary who does a lot to keep the Post running efficiently.

I could go on but don’t have much space to write this.

Next meeting is the 10th of July. Need everyone there. We have a Disciplinary Hearing at 6pm on the 10th of July. Regular meeting following Disciplinary Hearing.

See ya at the Post,

Richard Meadows