Vfw1December  2017

All too soon 2017 will be a memory and a new year will begin with new opportunities and challenges. Before we get there, we need to deal with some current issues to improve our facility. Our trustees and I are looking at putting ceramic tile on the kitchen floor. After that gets settled we might look at our counter top options.

Also, we are getting quotes for a handicap accessible door on the northwest entry. First, it helps our handicap members enter and exit the Post safely. If we get new members with service connected injuries, this might encourage them to come to the Post events or just enjoy our canteen. Finally, if all goes well, we’ll be looking at a Broaster in the spring.

I want to thank some of our members who help make Francis Vinyard every week. Thanks to Chasity, we have a well run and profitable Canteen bar. Thanks to “Chip” Hall we have a successful factory lunch program. Thanks to Bonnie Hall we have a good “Tip Board” effort every Wednesday night. Thanks to our bar staff for also working with pull tabs throughout the week. Thanks to Jerry Brady and our Trustees for keeping the Post comfortable and safe.

I’m honored and humbled to serve as your Post Commander. Sometimes it’s easy to “feel” like I’m alone in getting things done. But, as I’ve stated earlier in this article, there are many who contribute in many ways to make our Post a great place to “hang out” and enjoy the benefits of membership.

Jean and I wish all of our members a joyous Christmas and a Happy 2018!

Jim Cook