Hello All!

The summer is coming to an end real quick which means we are starting up our Wednesday night meals again and could use some help in the kitchen just once a month for just a few hours a month. You have been sent a dues reminder and a gun raffle ticket, please take the time to send back.

If you missed the Men’s Auxiliary party on August 24th with the hog roast and the band, Main Street Crisis, you missed a great time. Winners of the games will be announced next newsletter.

I would like to thank all the people that donated items for the Gary Lewis Benefit and to Keith Mapes and Andrea Brand and all the others that may have helped me move tables around to set up auction items and then once again to set up band.

Our last horseshoe games will be September 28th with sign up at 12:30 and play at 1:00. Winners of the last two months were Anthony Jimenez and Barb Rassler on June 22, and on July 27th, it was Joe Hernandez and Johnny. Congrats to you all.

We are going to try having a back ground band on September 8th, which is an Open Sunday. This band does not have a name, they are just a group of people that like to play together. They are the same group that played for the benefit and people have asked me to see if they would try this, so we are. They were very good and not loud where people were able to still watch TV and still be able to talk to each other, so please come out and see what you think. They will be playing on a Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours.

Our annual golf outing is being held at Noble Hawk this year on September 7th and we would like to see some of our members get time together and help with a this great cause. If anybody can be around the Club on this day around 4:00 or so to help get food around, that would help a lot.

The National Convention passed a dues increase for all annual Post members and Auxiliary members. The $10 a year increase will take effect on 1/1/2014. So, once again, pay your dues early and avoid the new fee schedule until next year.

I’m sure there’s more, but this boy has been real busy with a lot of things going on all at once, so if I have forgotten something, I’m sorry. Until a few months from now, keep our troops in your prayers and all of our other ones who have already served our great nation.

Ed Wade