Hot enough for you? Come on down to the Post and “cool-off”!

The months of May and June have been very busy with District and State Conventions, Club drawings and dinners. It’s good to see the amount of events that seem to be growing at Francis Vinyard Post 2749.

Congratulations to our membership and officers for earning the “All-American Post” designation. That means we have excelled in recruitment, donations, public service and veterans service over the past year. As we used to see in old western movies, look for the members in “Special Hats”. They are the Good Guys (Hint: hats have been ordered).

Thank you’s to George Klink and company for the electrical system updates to our facility. To our Trustees for keeping our Post well-maintained and the beer cold!!! To our House Committee for keeping our finances in order and steady. To Club staff who make our canteen a great place to gather with friends. Finally, to Kim in the office who keeps things in motion on a day to day basis.

A highlight of our last two Post meetings has been steady financial reports. That doesn’t mean everything is rosy! We’ve experienced some unexpected expenses, but if nothing else breaks down, we’re doing okay.

Then we have the Indiana state-wide smoking ban. At the June meeting, the membership overwhelmingly voted to be a non-smoking Post. We wanted to stay “family friendly”. The officers have started to procure a smoking building for our parking lot, but that’s on hold until we get a definition of the type of building permissible. In any event, as of July 1st, 2012, Francis Vinyard Post 2749 VFW will be a smoke-free facility. Smoking is permitted eight feet from the public entrance to our Post.

Congratulations to our outstanding Ladies Auxiliary for achieving 100% and all you do in support of our Post! Stay alert for further news on this subject.

Jim Cook

P.S. Note there will be no meals served on July 4th. Meals will be served thru August every Wednesday. Please see the menus on page 3 of this newsletter.