Spring is in full swing in a chilly kind of way. But the Francis Vinyard Post is running hot! We’re welcoming our “snowbirds” back and activity in the canteen is picking up. The Post continues to be fundamentally sound in finances and operation of all facets of a VFW Post. Commander “Jim” is going to be recognized for the outstanding year we’ve had in 2011-2012. Look for Jim to be sporting a new “white” hat. He’s earned the recognition, so congratulate him when you see him!

Our Post is fundamentally sound in leadership and finances. We’re over 100% on membership, but everyone can be a recruiter for our Post. Thanks to all who work to make things work for everyone.

Just because the membership campaign isn’t getting much attention, don’t assume we’re done. We need to be continuously in recruiting mode for Post members, women’s Auxiliary and Men’s Auxiliary members. Recently, we enrolled a returning veteran and his spouse as new Post and women’s Auxiliary members. Membership applications are available at the Canteen Bar and the Post Administration office.

Coming up we will be considering how our Post will decide to deal with House Enrolled Act No. 1149, Chapter 12 Prohibition on smoking. While the law says bars, clubs and Fraternal organizations are exempted, there are regulations we need to adhere to.

  1. The membership has to vote on the facility smoking or no smoking status every 2 years beginning in 2012.
  2. If the facility is a smoking facility, no minors can enter the facility.
  3. Or the facility may create smoking and non-smoking areas in the facility. This requires a fully enclosed set of areas with adequate ventilation to prevent intermixing air from the smoking area into the non-smoking area.
  4. If the facility votes to be nonsmoking, no action will be required.

Our issues involve the fact that we strive to be family-friendly and have activities specifically for minors. We can be assured there will be a lot of discussion between now and our June 5th meeting. That will be the date we need to vote for our smoking/non-smoking status. At our May 1st meeting we will be discussing our options for being a smoking facility. There will be expense and inconvenience if that is the way the vote turns out. So come out and let us know your thoughts on this matter. Speak to your officers if you cannot attend the meeting on May 1st!!!

In June we will be inviting the Ladies and Men’s Auxiliaries to attend our meeting and give us their input prior to the membership vote on the matter.

Jim Cook