We’ve seen three quarters pass this year and the fall chill is in the air.

So far, this year has seen lots of changes at the Post. Our House Committee keeps the canteen area pleasant and comfortable with the help of Kelly and the service staff. The few problems that crop up are handled quickly without long-term repercussions. Thanks to Red, Tom and Lewie!

The facility is in great shape and we’re compliant with all aspects of our licensing with the State of Indiana. The Trustees have decided to hold off on the insulation of our current structure. We need to be sure that any money spent to put further insulation on the old roof will result in a significant reduction in our heating and cooling bills. Great job Al, JB and Sid!

Our third quarter audit is about to take place and I’m expecting it to be solid, but nothing spectacular.

All you annual members remember we will be having a drawing for a Life Membership on December 14th. Everyone is eligible “IF” your dues are paid up before December 1st! We will also have three $50.00 drawings for our Life Members.

I wish everyone a blessed holiday season with family and friends. I’m especially thankful that my grandson, LCpl. Ben Cook, USMC, will be back with us for this Christmas.

Thank you all for supporting our Post.

Jim Cook