Coming SoonComrades & Sisters:

Thanks to all of the members and auxiliary members of both groups for your help and participation in the Veterans Day activities, He/She Party, Pearl Harbor Day, Children’s  Christmas Party, Adult Christmas Party,Wednesday night drawings and of course the Wednesday night meals. There are too many of you for me to try to name everyone here, but vou know who you are and I want to thank you all for your dedication and hard work. Thanks to the cooperation of the members, the Post “No longer has one foot in the grave and both feet are on solid ground again.” We havegood activities scheduled for January and February so keep up your support.

Also, special thanks hould go out to the Tuesday-Thursday Euchre Players for passing the hat and donating the money to the Post; to Huey White and Jerry Brady for donating their time to make emergency repairs to the roof; to Regan and Terry Ford, M & M Sounds and to the Spirit Band for donating much of their normal rates back to the Post for entertainment events.

Speaking of the roof, it will need to be replaced when the weather turns warmer this spring. This is a very costly project, and A1 Countryman along with Gary Fisher have asked me to re-establish the Building Improvement Fund to isolate donations to this project from the General Fund. This will be done following approval by the members at the February 1st Post Meeting, and donations will be accepted for this project. I’ve been told that an “anonymous donor” has agreed to match the donations collected by the post up to $10,000, so let’s all give generously to this fund. It’s the best way to “raise the roof” on the Post again! And thanks to Jerry and Huey for spearheading this project for us.

Coming events above the normal weekly events include a Sweetheart Dance and Dinner on Saturday, February 12th, and some Race Parties on our Open Sundays once the NASCAR season begins again. Of course, the NFL playoff games will be on the tube up to and including Super Bowl Sunday. So come out to your post and enjoy your time with your brothers & sisters. All the activities are listed on the calendars.

Dennis Nester
Acting Commander