Due to changes in our command structure, and a few issues at the post, our Wednesday night drawings are going back to 8:00 pm. I want to thank all that have stepped up to the plate to try and help save this club from failure. Yes it is that bad! If more of our membership remains on the sidelines, this post will be placed in the history books. As your commander, I don’t want to see that happen. This coming year I will need an all out effort, from all members, for a big push in our post as well as in both auxiliary units. The help I’m asking for could be in any form, you know what needs to be done. I concur with our Quartermaster as to recruitment out of the Guard units in our area. Give our Quartermaster some of your ideas so our post won’t fall pray to the times. Enough said.

On the lighter side, I look forward to serving you as commander for the coming year, and want to thank all my officers for the diligent effort they have already shown. I have appointed Tom Mortimore as Asst. Quartermaster for the post. Between Gary and Tom I hope they can milk every dime to make this post run as efficient as possible. Get out to the meeting, this post is yours.

At the July meeting it was voted to have a post web site (www.vfwpost2749.org). In this mailing, you will find a post card that “MUST” be returned to our Quartermaster. Doing so will insure post news will still reach you through the new web page, mail or newsletter that can be picked up at the post. Whichever way you want to receive post news, the Quartermaster needs your post card returned. As the Postal Service puts more pressure on the non-profit clubs such as ours, the runaway cost is like a dark pit. Our membership feels that this will be the best way to inform members, and the public, about our activities. It would be nice if all the returned cards requested to pick up the newsletter at the post. We haven’t seen you for awhile. You could pick it up the night of a post meeting. Just a suggestion!

Devin Geegh
Commander, VFW Post 2749