The newly elected Post Officers are:

Commander- Jim McClure
Senior Vice Commander- Tom Mortimore
Junior Vice Commander- Chuck Beery
Quartermaster- Patrick Fraizer
Chaplain- Ronald Coleman
Judge Advocate- Kenneth Ihrie
Surgeon- Jack DeBolt
Sgt.-at-Arms- Dennis Nester
1-Year House Committee- Jack Diamond
3-Year Trustee- Allen Countryman
3-Year House Committee- Jim Piepenbrok
Service Officer- Jan Fraze (appointed)
Adjutant- Pat Fraizer (appointed)

Ladies Auxiliary :

President- Marcia Smith
Sr. Vice President- Janice Wright
Jr. Vice President- Bonnie Hall
Secretary- Diane Nichter
Treasurer- Carolyn Mortimore
Chaplain- Betty DeBolt
Conductress- Linda Dickson
Guard- Mary Parker
1 yr. Trustee- Gladys Neal
2 yr. Trustee- Betty DeBolt
3 yr. Trustee- Jenny White

Mens Auxiliary:

President- Ed Wade
Sr. Vice President- Chip Hall
Jr. Vice President- Clyde Tackett
Secretary- Tim Ley
Treasurer- Denny Rorick
Chaplain- Don Dyer
1 yr. Trustee- Van Lamore
2 yr. Trustee- Tim Wade
3 yr. Trustee- Steve Lein

Good luck to all. Please be willing to help them when asked (or before).