support-our-veteransNovember & December 2016

So, here we are! This is my final article as Men’s Auxiliary, President. The last for Post 2749. That being said, I wish to thank some members for their support over the years.

Many thanks to our Charter Members who years ago knew that we could assist our Post. To those members like Kenny Spenser, Reagan Ford, Tim Ley, Chip Hall, Ed Wade, Steve Leins, Paul Minar, Denny Rorick, and all the others I have not remembered or failed to mention, I have one thing to say: “Well done Gentlemen!”

While I don’t remember all the Post Advisors we’ve had over the years, I’ll thank some I do remember: Red Coleman, Jim McClure, Denny Nester, Tom Mortimore, Tom Davidson, Jim Piepenbrok, and our current Commander Jim Cook. Thank you sirs for your help and assistance. We have been a much stronger Post working together.

That being said, as we move on, I hope all have joined the Post Auxiliary by now. Please don’t think of us as “the Women’s Auxiliary.” My sister, Sarah Faulkner, is the current President. She is a great person willing to work together with all of us. We will move forward and continue for the good of our Post.

Thank you Men’s Auxiliary for a great run!

See you at the Post, and again thanks to all.

Clyde Tackett