Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had a safe holiday season. Another year has passed us by and our Club is shining these days. If you missed the Christmas party, you missed a great time. With the New Year upon us, if you have not paid your dues, you will need to do so to enjoy all the benefits your Club offers.

This month we are doing our first Wii bowling tournament Jan. 14th at 12:30 sign up and play at 1:00 and on the 28th we will be doing a shuffleboard tourney at 11:30 sign up and play at 12:00. We are trying to start earlier so it does not take so long in the day to finish.

Our meeting times have changed to 6:00 on the second Monday instead of 7:00 so we’re not there so late for the people that needs to get up so early the next day.

We need some people to step up and help on the Wed’s. night meals. This only takes a few hours of your time a month or if enough people step up, it would only be every other month. All money we get from the kitchen goes to our building fund and with the wonderful building we have it takes a lot of money.

In February we are going to try another Wii party on the 11th with time being the same as January. I’m pleased to announce that our juke box is fixed and now playing with some new music and more to come.

The Honor Guard is asking for anyone who can help with funerals and other ceremonies to come and speak with some of the Honor Guard. I know this is difficult for a lot of us because of work schedules, but your help with weekend duties would also be appreciated.

Until the next newsletter, stay safe and warm and remember to use caution while driving or shoveling snow this winter.

Ed Wade