All Members,

First of all I want to thank Jim Piepenbrok and Denny Nester for their hard work.  It was difficult at best, with all the people that were in Florida during the winter season.

2nd I want you all to know that it is a privilege to serve as your Quartermaster, I will endeavor to perform that task with the diligence and keep all of you informed of our status.

This is OUR post and we need the efforts of ALL of us to make this a success.  No one person can do it all, so I am asking the members to volunteer your time by, helping with the lawn care, empty the trash, keeping the walk- in carpets clean, keeping the kitchen clean, volunteering during events, (tip boards, 50/50 drawing, serving food) or any other task the will save us money in the long run.

Thank You,

Pat Fraizer