Comrades All:

If you still have not paid your 2011 dues by this time you can’t be served at the bar, nor will you be eligible for any of the drawings at the Post. Dues for annual members are $30.00 and can be paid to the bartender on duty or mailed in. The drawings bucket was purged right after January 1, 2011, so please get current if you are not already there. We now have 395 total members on the rolls with 15 still unpaid.

TAPS for the past two months include Robert King, Roger Newman, Jack Kurtz, Edward “Jay” Criswell and Charles Syndram. Our condolences go out to their families.

We are currently accepting applications for the position of Part-time Bartender at the Post. You would be on the payroll and taxes would be deducted from your checks each week. Members of any of the three “families” will have a priority point added to their evaluation. If interested, see the Bartender on duty or any of the House Committee members for an application. Good luck to all.

The newly elected Post Officers are as follows: Commander, Jim McClure; Senior Vice Commander, Jack Diamond; Junior Vice Commander, Chuck Beery; Quartermaster, Patrick Frazier; Chaplain, Ron Colman; Judge Advocate, Kenneth Ihrie; Surgeon, Jack DeBolt; Sgt.-at-Arms, Dennis Nester; 3-Year Trustee, Allen Countryman; 3-Year House Committee, Jim Piepenbrok; Service Officer, Jan Fraze (appointed) and Adutant, Jim Piepenbrok (appointed). When the the new Post Officers are installed, Patrick Frazier will be the Quartermaster and I will revert back to House Committee. Good luck to all of the Post Officers!

Jim Piepenbrok