Congratulations and good luck to the 2014-15 officers. Please step up and help them out whenever you can!

Post Officers

Commander: Ron Coleman
Sr. Vice Commander: James Cook, Sr.
Jr. Vice Commander: Leonard Wilson, Jr.
Quartermaster: Richard Hamilton
Adjutant: Samuel Zollman
Judge Advocate: Kenneth Ihrie
Chaplain: Jim Piepenbrok
Surgeon: John Garrett
Service Officer: Jim McClure
Sergeant-at-Arms: Dennis Nester
1 yr: Tom Seigel
2 yr: Jerry Brady
3 yr: George Klink
House Committee:
1 yr: James Cook
2 yr: Lewis Sloan
3 yr:

Ladies Auxiliary Officers

President: Sarah Faulkner
Sr. Vice President: Jill Wilson
Jr. Vice President: Bonnie Hall
Treasurer: Cecelee Shuck
Secretary: Karen Bloom
Chaplain: Betty DeBolt
Conductress: Betty Hiedenriech
Guard: Janice Wright
1 yr: Becky McClure
2 yr: Rose Frick
3 yr: Carolyn Mortimer

Men’s Auxiliary Officers

President: Chip Hall
Sr. Vice President: Clyde Tackett, Sr.
Jr. Vice President: Doug Dyer, Jr.
Treasurer: Denny Rorick
Secretary: Ed Wade
Chaplain: John Schlichtenmyer
1 yr: Bob Frick
2 yr: Paul Minar
3 yr: Steve Leins